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About Me – Values

First of all, welcome. I am really, really glad you stopped by.
I love people. I love life. I suffer a lot when I see what others can do against it. Coming from the X generation and from the corporate environment, I got to know chaotic times when mentalities, culture, mindsets, heartsets and social organisation shifted profoundly. We are in the middle of profound transformations. Work, as we know it, is changing profoundly these days. Seems like work is giving ‘the employee of the future’ more and more awareness of what he or she is really good at. It also gives one more and more responsibility for what one does. And also blurs any border, clear distinction between personal and professional. So that the managers and the leaders of the future are more and more challenged into their own awareness and responsibility in the midst of a VUCA world. I am here to offer my deep call to be of service to you; my awareness,  my responsibility and my drive towards clarity to meet your desire to be more aware and responsible for the world around you.
I am here to help you get clarity to go the extra mile. Prepare the next ambitious project. Solve the next big global issue.

About Me – Purpose

The “Unclear” period.

As a youngster, I wanted to be an actor. During those time, everyone else around me was purusing economical studies. So that I ended up working in a bank for 13 years. It was messy. My first kid didn’t see me too much. I was working late. My wife wasn’t so pleased; I imagined I was building a career. I struggled with it and finally I quit. At 37. With a mortgage until my 65. So, there I was, confronting my deepest desires and fears altogether.

The “Clarity” period.

Being on the verge of loosing my senses, my marriage and trying to re-negotiate my past, present and future, I started my own enterprise, coaching and training. Finally ariving on the shores of success. A Volatile, Uncertain, Complex (“you know, it’s complicated”) and Ambiguous success. Happy (same) marriage. Happy kids. Self-confident, enough adaptable to this world, future insured. And had the time to train myself as a stage improviser, dancer, ultramarathon trail runner, become a vegan, loose 15 kilos, get all my medical records on “green light”, write a book, coach and train some thousands people. 

As you can see, growing up and waking up to your most authentic self is hard. To be clear about oneself is hard.

It can be challenging to let go of well-honed patterns (to let behind what seems to be clear for now). Most of all, we can feel alone and lost in the wilderness of human development, without a real map or compass to guide us. We might need some help figuring out which direction to face. The changes we desired can often ebb as the strength of our embodied views and patterns of behavior bring us back to our habitual form.

I am here to be your companion into waking up to your North. To clear your path.

You will succesfully lead your life and others’ lives when you will be equipped for the increasingly frequent and distressing sense of meaninglessness/ unclarity in our work. What you need is a solid vertical movement through the levels of consciousness, so there’s a genuine change in values, a genuine change in the way the world is perceived and experienced and felt. Knowing your values and purpose and having clarity on the next steps is crucial.

I am here to help you build the compass you need to grow up to your North. Whatever that North might be for you.


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Work + Philosophy

I love working with people who are cutting the bullshit daily and contesting the obsolete norms. I love working with progressists and traditionalists alike, as long as they do it for greater causes. I love ambitious people, stepping up the ladder of live.

It is the case, the time and the place to include and transcend what we are, what we offer and what we ask from others. For that, we need clarity.

Beyond all our causes, there is an urgent need for personal development; not the “internet, popular and superficial” personal development; but the real, long lasting, scientific, spiritual and checked by reality kind.

The kind of personal developmentwhere you commit, dedicate, endure, suffer, fail, learn, practice and succeed.

I am good at cutting through several stages of development at once. I am good at illuminating what you do not know about yourself. At motivating you to expand your awareness, increase your number of perspectives, enlarge your heartset and shift your mindset to be more able to lead purposefully.

I have this inside urge to help anyone end the suffering, the marginalization of humans and the exploitation of their naivity, lack of education or lack of purpose. I’m particularly interested in what it means to have a clearly articulated calling, to express our purpose in the world and to find the intersection between what each of us most longs for and what the world needs from us.

About Integral-Transpersonal Coaching

Transpersonal means “beyond the personal”. While the focus is on the person, it also includes the family, the community, the culture, society, life itself. Transpersonal coaching is important in development because no-one can be a good leader (of himself or others) unless they are self-aware and develop as a whole person.

The transpersonal recognizes and works with our yearning for something beyond the personal, and the everyday. Even the most pragmatic of leadership decisions is enhanced if the leader holds a transpersonal view.

Coaching tends to be viewed in the business world as an action-oriented way of addressing problems. And yet, trying to fix things can be an energy draining approach for people. If we focus on problems, then we will get more of them. But if we look for where the positive energy is, and build on it then this is what will grow, within an individual or within a company.

Transpersonal coaching is an empowering process which helps clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they really are. This core, source of our deepest values and qualities, is a well-spring of real strength, creativity and actualization. Thus, operating from this core enables clients to connect with their staff, the vision of the organization and the global context fully and effectively.

Integral psychology is a related approach that sees the typical human personality as fragmented. It understands healing and personal evolution as linked to the integration of these aspects into a more whole being. Therefore, “integral” means inclusive of everything, entire, complete, whole. This approach is based on contemporary philosopher Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

This theory is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and coherent knowledge framework available for human development. For this reason, it has been translated into application by experts around the world to many different disciplines and fields of study, including Psychology, Ecology, Medicine, Politics.

To be able to work with a client in this way involves employing Integral principles to gain insight into how our clients “move in the world”…how they see, actions they take, results they look for, current levels of capability they have available.

I offer both one on one Integral – Transpersonal Coaching programs as well as customized team and group programs.


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