FREE 2-hour Face to Face Integral Coaching Session on your Leadership Innovation Style, anywhere in the world (pay only for the round trip and 1 night accommodation)

What can you expect from our coaching?

You will benefit from our meeting if you want to know:

*How to ensure a successful entering of a new market through innovating
*How to tap into the new opportunities through innovating
*How to tap into key innovation capabilities of your employees
*How to remain disruptive despite governmental over-regulation
*How to remain disruptive despite geopolitical uncertainty
*How not to miss the opportunities following your investments in innovation capacity
*How to use cultural differences to help you progress in innovation
*How to setup a strong pipeline of profitable innovation
*How to provide your big company with the agility of a startup
*How to make your employees think like innovators
*How to implement an innovation-friendly management process

What’s Different about my approach to innovation?

Integral innovation encompasses all the major theories and paradigms regarding business innovation.

To whom?

To entrepreneurs seeking to stay ahead of the market, to innovation managers in companies, integral scholars and others interested in creativity, innovation and integral applications.

Contact Me

Please contact me and let me know how do you want to benefit of my coaching skills face-to-face. This would lead to many other opportunities. If you got to this point, you sensed the creativity in this offer. Let’s continue in a more meaningful and memorable way!


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