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Today, we are facing a convergence of many systems for organising work, leadership, production and consumption, from instinctual-based to holacratic ones. And still, creativity has to do with conditions which are perennial.

A seed contains everything it needs to be creative, to grow in a fractal way into the sun. Is this the same for a genetically modified seed? No. Because a GMO seed is intentionally engineered exactly not to be creative, but to grow in a certain manner. A GMO seed is the exact expression of scientific creativity in spite of creativity. We are also creative at birth, and we have everything we need in order to be creative during our lives in a chaotic, natural, fractal way. But then formal education starts the ‘GMO process’ with our brains. Think of the most creative individuals in human history: They were kicked out of school, were misfits and social outcasts.

This is the exact reason why we detect creativity in a person, for what is creativity but not avoiding the social norms and the mainstream lifestyle? This is why studies on human creativity sometimes examine the close link between creative thinking and various mental disorders, or out of the ordinary ways of seeing life. The GMO education process did not reach those individuals.


More and more the world is restructuring its pyramidal form into smaller functional units which are independent and self-reliant. Many social and political movements are driven by such humanistic visions, by great ideas shared intensively by their constituents. It thus becomes harder and harder for a so-called leader (in a corporation, government or congress) to enjoy the same engagement with his or her followers as no more than 10 years ago. Power in itself is becoming much easier to gain and much easier to lose. Facebook is massively influencing political elections; WikiLeaks is massively disturbing interstate diplomacy; and information is widely and transparently available to anyone so that decisions are made instantly and decisively by large numbers of individuals (not by the ‘masses’ anymore, not in a democratic way but in a completely free way).

How does this influence corporate innovations? The vast majority of corporations will continue to be run by hierarchical-pyramidal achievement-oriented mechanisms. But these mechanisms will have to borrow more and more the features of organic corporations, of the naturally fractal innovation cultures. They have to let in the clients, suppliers and employees, their families, their real needs, their preferences, their visions. And the leaders of the future are the kind of men and women able to negotiate all these factors into a single river of progress, at all times and in each moment.

What will you receive in the video course

This course is about this kind of innovation: one starting from an organic, complete and integral understanding of the human being and of the nature itself.

So, let’s begin.

Introduction into Integral Creativity and Innovation


Part 1 – Upper Left Quadrant Innovation (How To)


Part 2 – Upper Right Quadrant Innovation (How To)

Part 3 – Lower Left Quadrant Innovation (How To)

Part 4 – Lower Right Quadrant Innovation (How To)


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