A must read story from innovationexcellence.com discovers 4 things about Einstein’s genius. Well, I think Einstein is an exceptional proof of integral scientific innovation, the 4 things above falling right onto the 4 quadrants of integral innovation.

1. Find A Good Problem – Lower Right Quadrant

2. Innovation Is Hard Work – Upper Right Quadrant

3. Create A Safe Space – Lower Left Quadrant

4. Even A Genius Can Be Wildly Wrong – Upper Left Quadrant

When we think of Albert Einstein, we inevitably conjure up images of the icon rather than the man. We see Einstein with his wild hair and his tongue sticking out or Einstein as a playful old man, riding a bicycle. We remember his cheerful confidence and his easy comfort with his own genius. He wasn’t always 4 Things About Innovation And Creativity That We Can Still Learn From Albert Einstein

thumbnail courtesy of innovationexcellence.com